About Our Business
Eagle Industries  
Eagle Industries has over 25 years of experience in the fuel system cleaning, Hose Assembles,Adapters
and Specialty Items.

Eagle has strong machining capabilities to meet your every day need in Turning, milling and Design.
Just send us your drawing or prints.

Will specialize in custom fuel cleaning systems kits for all gas and diesel engines

Also if you need an individual or special component designed we can help.

Call us or send us your print or drawing today

  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Hose Assembles and Adapters
  • Custom Machining And Parts
  • Custom Design
Eagle Industries Contact Information:
16911 St Clair Avenue                                WEB-SITE:  WWW.Eagleindustries1.net
Cleveland Ohio 44110                                 Email: herbpauly@sbcglobal.net  
Phone:  440-376-3885
Fax:      440-238-5767                                  
Herb J Pauly:  Owner & President
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Any Questions on this web-site contact Ed Fitz at
efitz@sbcgloabal.net or call 440-476-5458

Pressure Regulators, Hose Assemblies
Adapter Fittings
Adapter Fittings
Diesel Cleaning System
Gas Cleaning Kit
Diesel Cleaning System

    Eagle Industries is an Exclusive 3M FSC Adapter  and hose assembly supplier.
Application Guide
Fuel System Cleaning Kits
Hose Fittings and adaptor can be made to connect to any old or new systems