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                                   DIESEL CLEANING CANISTER (DCC2)

                               Instructions for Use with Liquid Cleaner

Insure all safety equipment is in place i.e. safety glasses, gloves, fire extinguisher, etc.

1.        Insure all valves are in the off position

 •        Turn both handles to the 90 position
 •        Remove plug from top of canister
 •        Fill canister with 24 oz of cleaner.  Note that the site glass tube should be full
 •        Return plug and tighten to snug position
 •        Connect an air line to the canister and set pressure to 30 psi  

2.        Disconnect the engine’s fuel supply line and attach the appropriate adapter
 •        Disconnect the return fuel line.  Locate the proper adapter and connect
           to the return end connection on the canister.
 •        Secure the canister in a stable position, either hanging or on a flat surface.

Open the supply lines
 •        Check immediately for any leaks. Using the relief valve located on the supply
          hose end, bleed the air out of the supply line until the pressure gauge reads 30 psi or

DO NOT RUN SYSTEM OVER 30 PSI.  To lower pressure, continue to bleed the supply
           line.  Once desired pressure is reached, start the engine.

4.   Continue the cleaning service until the chemical returns through the filter and filter sight
           glass and into the canister.  

  •        Continue the service approximately 30 minutes:  
DO NOT ALLOW the canister to empty.  
 •        If additional cleaner is needed, shut off the engine, turn off the regulator, and add
          additional cleaner to the canister following the instructions in Step 1.  Use the sight  
          glass tube for determining the amount of cleaner in the canister.  
Again, DO NOT allow    
 the canister to run empty.

  •        When service is completed, shut off all valves, disconnect all hoses and                         
           close regulator.  Reconnect fuel lines.
Eagle Industries  
 •        Remove canister and all service parts and re-start the engine.

Cleaning Instructions after Use

1.    Insure all chemical is emptied from the canister.  
 •        Disconnect the in-line filter, located below the filter sight glass.  
 •        Remove the filter and clean with Mineral Spirits or other solvent and pressurized air,    
          or replace if extremely dirty.  
 •        Re-attach the in-line filter.
 •        Drain all hoses, adapters and canister of any remaining chemical.
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